I had a breakneck ramble over at Belfast Ruby last night on getting started with Vagrant; the discussion afterwards was fanastic perspective on how we're approaching virtualisation in our working environments and I'd thought I'd write up a few of the talking points that stuck in my head afterwards.

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via Ruby Weekly: Joybox combines the most popular and widely used 2D game engine for iOS, Cocos2D, folds in the amazing Box2D physics engine, and then wraps them up into a clean Ruby API that will make game development faster and more enjoyable for both beginners and experts alike.

I've been following the development of RubyMotion with interest; the idea of side-stepping the XCode workflow in flavour of a CLI tool set I already know and love is really appealing, so this wrapper for Coco2D is a really cool development.

The licensing fee for RubyMotion is a bit of a barrier but the friendliness of Ruby and the interactive console feature would probably make for a good teaching tool.

It turns out the asset pipeline gem and associated compressors are trivial to implement, see the commit for the full details.

Apologies for the file reshuffle occluding the code edits.